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Persona Essentials

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Enables more advanced mod support for P3P PC, P4G (64 bit), and P5R PC.


Persona Essentials is a set of miscellaneous improvements for Persona 3 Portable (PC), Persona 4 Golden (PC, 64 bit) and Persona 5 Royal (PC) based on Reloaded II.

Features (for Users)

  • Intro Skip.
  • Toggle Pause on Window Focus Loss.

Features (for Modders)

  • Support for replacing CPK file contents via other mods.
  • Support for injecting custom music into the game without extracting files.
  • Support for hot reload (update files on the fly without game reboot).
  • Automatically merges .tbl files.
  • Automatically merges PAK (.bin) files.
  • Automatically merges .bf files.
  • Automatically merges .spd files.
  • Automatically merges .bmd files.


  • Install Reloaded II.
  • Install .NET 7 SDK.
  • [Optional] Download Visual Studio/Rider and open the .sln file.

When you build your project, the files will automatically be copied to the right directory and be loaded by Reloaded.

Refer to the Reloaded wiki if you need more information.

How to make mods with Essentials

Refer to the usage section.

Special Thanks

  • Lipsum (zarroboogs): Original Implementation
  • CherryCreamSoda: Project Logo
  • Shujynx, Covfefe: Mod Test Data
  • AnimatedSwine37: PAK and BF Merging
  • Secre-C: SPD Merging
  • oceanstuck: BMD Merging