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Sonic Riders PC Wiki

🎈 Let's get hacking 🎈

A repository of my tools and information for modding Sonic Riders

About The Index

The PC Wiki is a community-maintained website created for the purpose of compiling resources, documenting file formats, and various other resources for Sonic Riders.

The goal is to have a vast array of game knowledge all condensed into one area for easy reference and viewing. Think of it as an alternative to the Sonic Community Hacking Guide (SCHG).

Repository Layout

  • Source: Contains source code for the tools in this repository.
  • docs: Contains the documentation you're looking at right now.
  • docs/files/template: Specifications for various file formats. (010 Hex Editor Templates)

Please note that parts of this documentation are autogenerated using the IndexTool, whose source code is available in Source/IndexTool.

Contributions are highly encouraged!

Contact Us

This repository is periodically maintained by Sewer56 (formerly, developer at Extreme Gear Labs).

For any requests, or if you simply need support, consider opening an issue on this repository.