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Resource Description
Uncompressed Sonic Riders Assets Solves the issue of infinite loads on some loading screens. Allows for easier hacking/modding.
Riders 4GB Patch This will let your game use 4GB of memory; for the most punishing of 8K+ texture packs.
Reloaded II The mod loader of choice.
Resource Description
Riders Tweakbox (Download) Reloaded mod. The all in one Riders Mod. Has Widescreen, Netplay, Custom Music/Texture, Many Game fixes, etc.

Miscellaneous Mods

All are Reloaded-II mods unless specified.

Resource Description
DX Music Pack for Tweakbox Sonic Riders DX Music
Animated Texture Example for Tweakbox Example of an animated custom texture.
DX & SRTE Gear Profile Pack for Tweakbox DX & TE Gear Presets. Put in Configurations\GearConfigurations folder inside Tweakbox folder and load via Gear Editor.

Other Hacking Resources

Resource Description
Sonic Riders PC Disassembly IDA 7.X Disassembly of the PC Riders Code. Get it at Extreme Gear Labs
Guide: Building Reloaded-II Mods A beginner's guide to getting started with making Reloaded II mods.
Riders Mod Development Library A C# library aimed for making Reloaded Riders mods. Provides a limited easy to use API and many definitions from the Disassembly.
SCHG: Sonic Riders [Legacy/Outdated] Mostly outdated, but has people sometimes contributing to it.
PC Data Sheet [Legacy/Outdated] A Spreadsheet containing many addresses to functions, variables etc.