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Please refer to the formats page for more information about each of the formats.

Extension Format Tool Description
.DAT Audio Archive: XBOX DTPK DTPKUtil Doesn't support the format variation used in Riders, but may some day.
N/A Archive: Riders Archive RidersArchiveTool Flawlessly extracts and repacks archives with 1:1 output.
N/A Archive: Riders Archive Sega NN Tools Transparently unpacks from the format to search for models.
.ADX Audio: CRI ADX radx The (only?) open source ADX Encoder
.ADX Audio: CRI ADX AtomENCD GUI for adxencd. Here's a guide on how to use it
.ADX Audio: CRI ADX adxencd The official ADX Encoder from the CRI SDK.
.AIX Audio: CRI AIX aixmaker (CRI SDK) The official AIX Encoder from the CRI SDK.
.AFS Audio Container: CRI AFS AFSUtils Yet another AFS packer/unpacker.
.AFS Audio Container: CRI AFS AFS Explorer Ancient tool intended for PES games; but still commonly used.
.SFD Video: CRI SofDec SofDec CRAFT (CRI SDK) Official tool from CRI SDK for creating SofDec videos.
.SFD Video: CRI SofDec SfdMux Creates SFD files from MPEG 1 Video and Audio. Tutorial
.XNO Graphics: Sega NN: 3D Object Sega NN Tools Supports PC Riders models, either through direct file open or by searching them in Riders archives. Does not export custom models (yet).
.XVRS Texture Archive: PVR Texture Library Sega NN Tools Can directly replace textures and convert them to DDS.
.XVRS Texture Archive: PVR Texture Library RidersTextureArchiveTool Only unpacks/repacks the archive container. Does not yet support conversion of textures to DDS.

Other Tools

Building the Tools

Some of the tools mentioned are contained in this repository.

To compile them, you will need the following:
- .NET 5 SDK

To compile them, clone this repository and the submodules (git clone --recurse-submodules) and simply go to the Source folder and run the BuildTools.ps1 script in Powershell. When the process completes, there will be a Build folder created in the same directory.

If you wish to contribute to the tools and are not familiar with C# or the .NET platform, I would recommend installing Visual Studio for development.